Dear Windows 10, please stop messing around with my Python

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Windows 10 has introduced Windows Store version of python, and it sucks…. (Anyways, here’s how to resolve it.)

Windows 10 has recently introduced windows store version of python. Hence, whenever you type python or python 3 in your CMD, it will launch windows store and will ask you to download their version of python.

Some of you might say, it’s not a big deal. But when you try to install different libraries like crypto or, it will make you pull your hair.

My story: I installed python 3.9 from the official python website and was working normally. But due to windows updates, it required me to download the windows store version of python. So I did, and it broke my installation of python. It actually messed around with the python PATH. After looking around for too long, I finally found the solution.

Delete the windows store version of Python: Well, obviously. Just do it.

Fix the python PATH: Go to control panel -> Search for environment variable -> click on PATH -> add the your python path there. And boom, you are good to go.

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

Conclusion: I wanted to keep this post really short so that people don’t waste too much time looking around for it. However, I might have skipped the spoon feeding part. So, if anything is unclear in this post, you guys can comment or send me message.

The windows store version is not that bad, but many of my Crypto libraries were not accessible with it.

Have a great day, beautiful people. :)




Blockchain developer, Philosophy Enthusiast, Nomad, Thinker

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Rasputurin James

Rasputurin James

Blockchain developer, Philosophy Enthusiast, Nomad, Thinker

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